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Old Oct 13 2011, 12:25 AM
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Default Co-operative Quests - Help With Buying Items

We have created this thread, in order to give forum members a chance to help each other complete their Co-op quests.

This Thread is for listing your Co-op Quests AND the ingredients needed for each Quest.

You may also make a request in your own post if you are looking for a particular Item, but you must ALWAYS list your own Quests as well in your post to help others.

When you add your Co-op quests here for other members to buy from you please post the following information:
  • the name of the Quest
  • the amount of time left on the quest
  • the ingredients used in the quest
  • and your Farm Link
This will help other members with determining if you have the item they need.

No one can come to your farm to sell you a needed item. Only your neighbours can do that when you put a help note on it. Instead, you can search this thread for the item you need and go to their farm to buy the item.

If you list your quests and what the ingredients are for those quests, as the others have done, then they can come and buy from you and leave you a message so you can go to their farm to buy.

Please remember to provide a link to your farm so they can get to your farm to purchase from you. There are instructions on how to get your link for your farm for your posts here:

When you are updating your post of your quests, please create a new post rather than editing an existing post as those will be deleted 7 days after the original date of the post.

Please note: All posts within this thread will be deleted, when they are a week old, in order to avoid members, searching farms, where the quests have already been completed and therefore, unable to get the items, that were on offer.

Posts are deleted by original post date and not a date added in the post as the modified date. We do not read through all the posts but do a deletion of large groups of posts.

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Old Jan 17 2020, 02:33 PM
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Load 10 x Soap in a service facility (3.8 days) - soap, coconut oil, lye, lavender essential oil, coconuts, lavender.

Produce 1 x Chainsaw in a facility (in production: 4 hours) - carbon steel sheet, plastic granules, motor, nylon reel, orange pigment, black pigment, iron ore, graphite ore, petrochemical barrel, stainless steel sheet, copper sheet, carrot, walnuts, crude oil barrel, chromite ore, copper ore.

Load 2 x Horse Painting in a service facility (in production: 2 hours) - horse painting, canvas textile roll, beige pigment, cotton, clay block.
Realness Land

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Old Jan 18 2020, 06:32 AM
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PRODUCE DISPOSABLE SLIPPERS-1/24: sheep wool, silk worms, sheep wool textile roll, velvet textile roll, felt roll

LOAD SCRAPBOOK-1/24: crude oil barrel, sunflowers, blueberries, beets, soybean, petrochemical barrel, pine log pile, yellow ink, blue ink, red ink, nylon roll, cardstock, scrapbook

PRODUCE PROTEIN SHAKE-1/25: pineapples, cow milk, blackberry, hen eggs, pineapple juice, vanilla, whey

LOAD AUSTRIAN POTATO SALAD-1/25: apples, black pepper, olives, cider barrel, ground black pepper, chives, onions, mustard, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, potatoes, austrian potato salad
Level 1100 http://apps.facebook.com/farmtown/pl...1648&farm_ix=0
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DB:W20, MPS:C20

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Old Jan 18 2020, 09:44 AM
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all skin cream, beeswax, honey jar, avocado, aloe vera, grapefruits, lavender essential oil, lavender

VELVET ROPE (4.4 days)
velvet textile roll, cotton, brass sheet, red ink, silk worms, copper ore, zinc ore, soybean, beets

cmputer key lock, stainless steel sheet, iron ore, chromite ore

bread, ham, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, flour, milk, wheat


Last edited by joshjoys16; Jan 21 2020 at 04:52 AM. Reason: add new quest
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Old Jan 18 2020, 04:47 PM
smittysun smittysun is offline
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Load Seal food- seal food, squid 2.2 days left
Produce California Rolls- rice, cucumbers, avocados, crab 2.8 days left
Load Maracas- Maple log pile, Maple lumber pile, coconuts, green beans, maracas 4.2 days left
Load Bass Drum Pedal: sheep wool, sheep wool textile roll, aluminum ore, graphite ore, Iron ore, felt roll, Aluminum Sheet, Carbon steel sheet, bass drum pedal 5.4 days left
Happy Farming!!!
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Old Jan 19 2020, 12:36 PM
ftjill ftjill is offline
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Default Mint Herbal Tea

Mint Herbal Tea

mint herbal tea

Expires Jan 22

If you buy a product please let me know - I may need it too.

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Old Jan 19 2020, 04:21 PM
jillybbb jillybbb is offline
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Default Need to buy Leather Longhorn Craft

Ques:t :Load 20 x Leather Longhorn Craft in a service facility Expires in 1.3 days

Art Galllery

Load Leather Longhorn Craft

Buy Leather Longhorn Craft

Leather Roll


Last edited by Tiger; Jan 19 2020 at 05:41 PM. Reason: correcting farm link
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Old Jan 19 2020, 05:22 PM
MaryinVA MaryinVA is offline
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In production: 1 hr. Load Car Door Wedge: crude oil barrel, walnuts, petrochemical barrel, turpentine, latex, black pigment, nylon roll, rubber sheet, car door wedge.

Produce Dutch Pea Soup: sausage pack, carrot, leek, onion, celery, pork, peas.

Load Badge: copper ore, copper sheet, badge.

Produce Wall Hung Toilet: copper ore, crude oil barrel, walnuts, silicon rock, copper sheet, petrochemical barrel, chromite ore, iron ore, black pigment, sensor, plastic granules, stainless steel sheet, quartz rock, kaolin clay rock.

Load Button Set: maple, ebony, oak, pine log piles; maple, ebony, oak, pine lumber piles; button set.

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Old Jan 19 2020, 06:05 PM
nascaholic nascaholic is offline
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Produce Bleachers
4.4 Days
aluminum sheet, aluminum ore.

Produce Fire Mead
3 Hrs: No End Facility
honey jar, oranges, clove, pepper, black tea bag, yeast, tea.

Produce Tortoise Playpen
1.1 Days:
pine lumber pile, aluminum sheet, pine log pile, aluminum ore.

Produce Signal Mirror
3.4 Days:
mirror glass sheet, flat glass sheet, aluminum sheet, quartz rock, soda crystals, aluminum ore.

Produce Hook Set
4 Days:
stainless steel; sheet, iron ore, chromite ore.


Last edited by nascaholic; Jan 21 2020 at 06:12 AM.
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Old Jan 19 2020, 06:20 PM
dnreynolds dnreynolds is offline
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CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY COFFEE: cocoas, coffee, raspberries, chocolate liquor, ground coffee, chocolate raspberry coffee

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co-op ingredients

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