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Old Oct 30 2013, 07:03 AM
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Default Storage, Market, & Trading Warehouse Options

Hello Everyone, the Developers would like to thank everyone for the suggestions in the past , they have made a note of all the current requests and have asked us to reset all the top posts and start afresh. All previous requests have been archived.

Please continue to post NEW suggestions.

In another effort to streamline these threads and to make all members feel comfortable with posting suggestions, comments or replying to suggestions is not allowed and will be removed.

Please use this thread for ideas for:
  • Storage
  • Market Places
  • Buying and Selling
  • Trading Warehouse

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Old Apr 24 2020, 11:21 AM
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Default Marketplace selecting product

when selling your storage in the market place after checking a bunch of product that you want to sell and then provide a button to uncheck all the ones that you have checked and reset all the products back to being unchecked? It is a real pain to have to scroll through each and every page to find them and uncheck each one
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Old Apr 29 2020, 07:09 PM
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The quantities we can buy in the market were set a long time ago, when we had one farm and maybe three facilities. They could really do with being increased .

Also, it would be great for us to have a way to know we're maxed out rather than relying on other farmers to tell us. Maybe on the review screen we could have an indication? something like, if you buy this you will not be able to buy anything more for 12 hours? or just a pop-up?
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Old May 03 2020, 01:56 PM
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Default Harvest-Plow-Sow

With our multiple expanding farms and many other enjoyable aspects of farm town occupying our playing time, it is way past due to implement the option to hire at market for all in one harvest-plow-sow if we so choose. We retain control over picking the crop we want planted and allow the person we hire to use our tools and fuel similar to the super neighbor ability.

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