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The Forum
Welcome to the forum! The forum is a fun and informative place where you can post questions for help, read other Farm Town player’s posts, share your frustrations, your joys, and post pictures of your farm and give feedback or suggest ideas for the game. You get to talk to other players from Farm Town and they come from all over the world. Hopefully you are lucky enough to make several friends here.

What is in the forum and where can I post?
There are many sections in the forum. Here's a description of what each area is for....

Forum Guide:
This is where you go when you are new to the forum. Along with how to Register to be able to post in the forum, there is a lot of good information and we recommend you take a look at the posts there are answers for a lot of how to use the forum questions, some common questions on how an where to post and find your post along with the basics of understanding farm upgrades. This is a read only section for information, so is closed for posting. It is a place for you to gather information about the forums.

Game Guide:
This is where you can find information about all aspects of the game. There are chapters for every part of the game. No one may post in this area, it is a place for you to gather information about the game. This is a read only section for information, so is closed for posting.

WEBSITE Guide: Farm Town can be played on a new website away from Facebook. As features will have to change this Website Guide helps you understand the differences for when the game is no longer on Facebook. Where features/methods are the same in both versions of the game, you will be redirected to the regular Game Guide. This is a read only section for information, so is closed for posting.

Known Issues, Glitches, and Bugs:
This has many threads with information on issues, glitches, and bugs. It is updated as much as possible. No one may post in this area. You are provided with links to the Official posts in which you may post regarding your problem.

Help & Support:
This can be your best friend!!! One of the most heavily posted places, people post their questions here.
This section has OFFICIAL threads which cover just about every aspect of the game. Before posting in an official thread read the information in the first post. This is where all the information we have regarding any problems can be found. Most times your problem can be solved by using the information in the first post. Also read the last few posts, you may find your question already answered. If you are still having a problem post in the Official thread so we can keep all of the information in one place for the developers. Posting only in Official threads also helps to keep the Help and Support area tidy and easier to use for all members. .

News & Announcements:
This gets people excited as this is where upgrades and new releases are announced. Many people post here to thank Bert (the creator), Raul (developer) or just to comment their pleasure. You can only reply to the current release post as all the past release notes are closed.

General Feedback:
This is the area where you give feedback to the developers and other players know what you like or dislike about aspects of Farm Town.

Here's where you let the developers know what animals, plants, trees, etc. you want on your farm and what improvements could be done. Many suggestions have been implemented in new releases, so go ahead and suggest an idea, you never know, what you ask for may come true.
You will not be able to start a "New Thread" there, all you do is find one with a title that most suits your idea and post a "Reply. If you can't find one there is one called "My Idea doesn't have a Thread" which you can post in.

Farm Town Social:
At the top of this section are a couple of popular thread like the thread where you would post or see the posts of anyone needing Neighbours/Buddies for Farm Town and where you could post your co-operative quests to get help and help other with theirs.
This section is not for asking for help with Farm Town, please remember to use the Help and Support section for those.
In the Farm Town Social section you can also post things like pictures of your farm, look for work, hiring people, asking for feedback about your own farms and even just fun threads.

Other Languages:
This part of the forum is for other languages such as Spanish, German, Danish, etc. This is a place for other language speakers to gather but everyone is welcome in the English speaking part.

How do I post?
You first need to register in order to post. On the top of the page there is a red button that says “register now!”. Click there and fill out what is needed. You will then receive an email to the email address you used to register. Open that email and click on the link in it to complete your registration. You can now post to your heart’s content! Please remember to post only in Official threads in the Help and Support section. You can post in an existing thread if you click on it to open it and then click on the Reply button.
Before you post:
Always look for an existing thread that most suits what you want to post about, chances are there's an "OFFICIAL" thread or an unofficial one already existing and you just might find an answer in the 1st few posts/replies there before needing to post. If you must start a new thread or post in an unofficial thread, please be sure that the title accurately describes the problem you are experiencing.

What happens after I post?
The forums are not a "live" chat. You will need to refresh the page to see if anyone has answered you as new posts will not show automatically. The reply could be after your post or on the next page. If no one answers you immediately then you will need to check back later for the answer. If you are subscribed to a thread and have allowed email notifications you will get an email telling you someone has also posted in that thread and it may be the reply to answer your own post. You can then use the email link in that email to come back to the forums to see if it is the answer to your question or if more information has been requested that you need to supply.

Visitor Messages: Do not post your questions in visitor messages in your own profile. We do not get any notification you have posted there and will not see them to be able to answer you.

We would like to ask that you please use the forums rather than the Private Messages for your questions or problems, unless it is a personal issue.

Posting in an OFFICIAL thread - even if you have tried the suggestions given in the top post - will also help us to consolidate information for the developers and will result in them being able to fix the problem more quickly if it needs their attention.

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