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Default Support Issues - how to find their replies.

When you have sent a ticket in to Support and not had a response the usual culprit is that the email has been marked as spam or junk.

You should have at least got an automatic response email when you submitted your ticket. That email will have your ticket number and a link for you to check the status of your ticket, so please do not delete that email.
You can use the information in that email to log into support and see if there are any further replies to your ticket.

If you do not see the email then please do the following:

Please check your spam/junk folder for the response from support as those sometimes get sent there. You are looking for an email from slashkey.com.
  • support@slashkey.com
  • billing@slashkey.com
When you find it, whichever option you have for your emails, please mark it as:
  • not spam or not junk
  • please also mark it as as a safe sender so you get any future emails without issues.
  • you may also want to add that email to your list of contacts, if you know how as that can help as well.
  • if you have another email you can use, try sending a ticket in with that one

I'm sorry but we do not have specifics on how to find, mark or add contacts to emails as there are so many versions of email hosts. If you need help with that you should have a help link in your email service that will tell you how.

When did you last send a ticket in to Support?
If you have not waited at least a day or so please wait a little longer. If there have been a lot of tickets sent in ahead of yours, then it can take up to a couple of days for a response and please remember to allow for them to have an overnight break, they are not online 24/7.

If you have waited a few days and still can not find a response, or have not had a further reply to your ticket, then please let us know so we can try to help. In this case please post in Help and Support and supply the following information:
  • When did you contact them?
  • Did you get the auto response email?
  • Have you checked your spam/junk folder for it?
  • Did you also try another email address you have and have the same problem with that one as well?

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