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Old Jun 06 2024, 05:09 PM
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Default New Release -- June 6th, 2024

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post. Last changes released on July 2nd, 3:50PM.

Hi There,

We just released a new update with the following features and bug fixes: En Español AQUI

1. 11 Fathers Day decorations (released last week): 6 as gifts, 3 at the top of the Fathers Day category at the store and 2 at the bottom.

2. Last 9 Farm Expansions for Farm 47: See prices below:

Upgrade 44 x 44: 81 Billion Coins or 50 Farm Cash
Upgrade 46 x 46: 82 Billion Coins or 50 Farm Cash
Upgrade 48 x 48: 83 Billion Coins or 50 Farm Cash
Upgrade 50 x 50: 84 Billion Coins or 50 Farm Cash
Upgrade 52 x 52: 85 Billion Coins or 60 Farm Cash
Upgrade 54 x 54: 90 Billion Coins or 60 Farm Cash
Upgrade 56 x 56: 100 Billion Coins or 60 Farm Cash
Upgrade 58 x 58: 110 Billion Coins or 60 Farm Cash
Upgrade 60 x 60: 120 Billion Coins or 60 Farm Cash

3. Transplanter Ex (10 x 10) (FC): Transplant or duplicate up to 1600 items at once, either trees, flowers, decorations or buildings, in a squared area up to 10 x 10 plow fields. You can select what to transplant and the size of the tool before you start.

Note: It will not transplant Farm Cash items, trains and ships.

4. Other Improvements and Bug fixes:

- Allow Plower and Multi Planter selection area to go over the top farm edges, this will give you more flexibility when plowing/planting narrow areas next to the top farm edges

- Added 'Unavailable' sorting option in the 'Farmer Lists' screen

- Added 'Amount Owned' sorting option to the Facility category in the store, mouse over facility icons shows how many of that facility you own

- Added search bar to the Multi Planter when selecting what tree or flower to plant

- Bugfix: After you close the Facility Manager, instead of showing each individual Belt/Dan level reached in a message box, only 1 message box will be shown with a summary of all the new Belts/Dans levels that were reached while you worked in the Facility Manager

5. Other Improvements released in the past few weeks:

- When sending train boost requests, there is a new option 'Recently Boosted by Me' that will list all farmers whose trains you have boosted in the past 24 hours

- Added 9 x 9 and 10 x 10 to the list of sizes of the Bulldozer Ex so you can clean your farms faster

- Bugfix: Very rarely, products disappearing from harvest and products storage

- Bugfix: After doing Start All in the Facility Manager, sometimes the whole operation failed without notifying the player, there are much less chances of this happening now

- Bugfix: Sometimes farmers that were available in the game were showing as unavailable when mouse over their pictures in the Farmer List screen

- Bugfix: Transplanter not able to transplant a single tree or flower

- Bugfix: Transplanter not restoring all items back to their original position when a transplanting operation is cancelled half way

6. Feed Supplement Plant (FC): Produces Animal Feed Supplements. This is a special facility that will not consume any ingredients, only coins, cannot be worked by others, and along with the Premium Fodder Factory below it will increase production of some of your FarmTown animals, more info in point #7 below.

Cow Feed Supplement
Poultry Feed Supplement
Sheep Feed Supplement
Llama Feed Supplement

Note: You cannot reach belts and dans in this facility.

7. Premium Fodder Factory (FC): Produces Premium Fodder. This is a special facility that along with the Feed Supplement Plant above will increase production of some of your FarmTown animals, see point #8 below.

Premium Cow Hay
Premium Poultry Mix
Premium Sheep Silage
Premium Llama Silage

Note: Products from other Facilities: Llama Silage on the Fodder Factory.

Note 2: You cannot reach belts and dans in this facility.

8. Make premium fodder to increase your animals production:

a) Premium fodder allows you to feed your animals so they can increase production. There are 4 premium fodders:

- Premium Cow Hay will feed your cows
- Premium Poultry Mix will feed your hens
- Premium Sheep Silage will feed your sheep
- Premium Llama Silage will feed your llamas

b) To make premium fodder you need to own 3 facilities:

- The new Feed Supplement Plant (see #6 above)
- The new Premium Fodder Factory (see #7 above)
- The old Fodder Factory

c) Premium fodder is made by combining a regular fodder with the corresponding feed supplement, e.g. to make Premium Cow Hay in the Premium Fodder Factory you combine regular Cow Hay and Cow Feed Supplement.

d) When you store the Premium Cow Hay it will NOT go into your product storage, it will go into a special storage inside the Dairy Shed and you can mouse over the Dairy Shed in your farm to see your current Premium Cow Hay levels, same as when you produce baits in the Fish Farming Plant and store them in your water items.

e) Once the Premium Cow Hay is in the Dairy Shed it will be used to feed your cows and increase their production when you harvest them.

f) Each Premium Cow Hay can either be used to feed 30 regular cows or 1 Farm Cash holstein cow, in both cases this will increase production by 30 Cow Milk.

g) It doesn't matter if your cows are in the farm, in Dairy Sheds or Super Dairy Sheds, or if you have a mix of regular and hosltein cows in the same animal building, when you harvest your cows, either from the farm or from the Facility Manager, your Premium Cow Hay will be consumed efficiently to maximize your cows production.

h) The Premium Fodder Factory can be worked by others but the Feed Supplement Plant cannot, so the feed supplements will be your main limitation to produce premium fodder.

i) You can ask your friends for the ingredients of the Premium Cow Hay, however you can only ask once in a 24 hour period.

j) The Feed Supplement Plant produces 18 Cow Feed Supplement per day, this is enough to produce 18 Premium Cow Hay per day, which in turn can feed your cows resulting in an increase of 540 Cow Milk per day.

k) If you buy another Feed Supplement Plant to get an extra 540 Cow Milk, you won't need to buy another Premium Fodder Factory since it can be worked by friends.

l) All the information provided so far is the same for the other premium fodders, it means each extra Feed Supplement Plant you buy has the potential to increase your Hen Eggs, Cow Milk, Sheep Wool and Llama Wool by 540 each, for a total combined of 2,160 animal products, this is almost as much as the production of 2 Chicken Coops, 4 Wool Sheeds and 1 Dairy Shed combined (asuming you can harvest the Dairy Shed 2 times a day).

m) One advantage of these facilities over animal buildings is that they keep producing feed supplement and fooder while you are away from the game for a few days, in the case of the animal buildings, if there is a day you cannot harvest them, you miss out their productions.

9. Increased all animal buildings capacity by 20%: Regular animal buildings capacity for each animal increased from 250 to 300 animals. Super animal buildings capacity for each animal increased from 500 to 600 animals.

Initially we planned on releasing 2 Coin facilities, similar to the Farm Cash facilities above, and allow them to increase animal production, but we decided to just increase the animal building capacity for all animal buildings, so there will be no Coins facilities on this release.



Post Release Updates - June 7th, 1:05PM

- Bugfix: Filtering by 'Not Owned' in the Facility category in the store not working.

Post Release Updates - June 14th, 6:45PM

- Released feature #8 above, your animals can now consume premium fodder to increase production, please reload the game for these changes to take effect. All the premium fodder that you have produced in the past few days can now be consumed by your animals when you harvest them. You can mouse over your animal buildings or check the Harvest All screen in the Facility Manager to see your current premium fodder levels.

- We suggest you read the full point #8 above, there is a full new description of this feature, with more information and easy to understand.

- We have mentioned before that we would remove the capability to request ingredients in the Premium Fodder Factory. We have decided to not do that, instead, you will be limited to request ingredients for a specific premium fodder only once in 24 hours, e.g. if you ask for ingredients for the Premium Cow Hay now, you will be able to ask for ingredients of other premium fodders right away, but you will have to wait 24 hours to ask for ingredients for the Premium Cow Hay again. This will allow you to take advantage of the Gift lifeline when you get a premium fodder in a Quest.

- We have increased the produtions of both facilities so 1 day of production will produce enough premium fodder and feed enough animals to get the benefits below:

- Extra 540 hen eggs daily
- Extra 540 cow milk daily
- Extra 540 sheep wool daily
- Extra 540 llama wool daily

That's a combined of 2,160 animal products, this is almost as much as the production of 2 Chicken Coops, 4 Wool Sheeds and 1 Dairy Shed combined (asuming you can harvest the Dairy Shed 2 times a day). Notice also that if you buy another Feed Supplement Plant to replicate the benefits above, you won't need to buy another Premium Fodder Factory since it can be worked by friends.

Post Release Updates - June 15th, 4:55PM

- Bugfix: When premium fodder ingredients that you have requested are sent to you, they show correctly in your Gift Box but when you store it, they disappear and will not go to your storage

- Bugfix: Transplanter Ex tool not able to move most items in the Paths category in the store

Post Release Updates - June 20th, 9:10AM

- Bugfix: When storing Premium Fodder ingredients in your gift box sent by other players, you have to reload the game to see the stored ingredients in your storage

- Bugfix: Removed popups when harvesting individual animal buildings from the facility manager

- Bugfix: Cut off info text when harvesting animal buildings from the farm

Post Release Updates - June 30th, 11:45PM

- The new Farm Pass contest will start in 1 or 2 days.

Post Release Updates - July 2nd, 3:50PM

- Enabled the July Farm Pass contest.

Known Issues:

- None

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Old Jun 06 2024, 05:18 PM
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Thanks Raul and team

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Thanks Raul and team!
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Thank you so much Raul and team
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Thank you Raul and Team
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Thanks for the updates Raul and team. Love this game. :-)
Old Jun 06 2024, 07:47 PM
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Thanks for the new release Raul & team. Looking forward to seeing all the new toys
Old Jun 06 2024, 08:12 PM
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Default thanks

Thanks. I have been playing since 2009 and thanks to you, I'm never bored.
Old Jun 06 2024, 08:25 PM
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Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the details.
The two new farm cash facilities (Feed Supplement Plant and the Premium Fodder Factory) are both production facilities usually its one production and one service.
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Thank you Raul and team, this looks interesting.
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